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argan oil

Argan oil – the elixir of life from Morocco’s argan tree

argan oil - used in Moroccan cuisine and in traditional, medical applications » order argan oil, directly to the shop!

Argan oil, extracted from the argan tree, has always been a part of the Moroccan way of life.  Argan oil is used in Moroccan cuisine and in traditional applications. The high-quality oil is regarded as the elixir of life in Morocco. Through our activity in Morocco, which has now existed for around 20 years, we have already been told many interesting stories by Moroccan families regarding the miraculous effect of argan oil, which ultimately also inspired us to add this precious substance to our product range.

Argan oil has been used by Morocco’s Berbers for generations. They use this oil with all of its positive qualities on a daily basis, in a wide range of applications, without being precisely familiar with the background and ingredients of the oil.

Scientists only became aware of argan oil a few years ago and investigated its active ingredients and fields of application in detail. For example, the esteemed phytopharmacologist, Prof. Dr. Rachid Soulimani from the University of Metz, France, Prof. Robert Owen from the DKFZ in Heidelberg or the Moroccan Professor Zoubida Charrouf, have documented numerous research results in the traditionally used special features of argan oil.

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we are not permitted to describe the heath-promoting characteristics of argan oil in detail on these pages. For interested readers, we recommend additional publications in the media and the book by Dr. Peter Schleicher "Argan-Öl; Die Wirkung des marokkanischen Goldes” [Argan oil; The effect of Moroccan gold] published by the Südwest-Verlag and available from us in the Argan Oil Shop.

» order argan oil, directly to the shop!
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